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Toe Style in Heel Sandals

Whether you are wearing heel sandals or boots, there are lots of toe style to spice your taste and look. Some of them are more popular and apt for sandals while others are for boots.

Open toe


Wearing an open-toed shoe in winter can be a greatest blunder--a fashion faux pas--as your little toes don't show up nice in the biting cold. But open-toed shoes are still a good choice in other seasons: They half reveal, half conceal!


Pointed toe

Pointed toe is among the top most choice of most women who crave for glamorous sandals or boots. It connotatively says something which everybody feels but none understands.

Peep toe


Do you really want to hide those little toes inside your footwear or show them off? Your intention is very vague, of course, not in your mind but in others. Peep toe reminds of the Peeping Tom story! You hide them but still they peep out curiously. That's the beauty! If toes are your assets, peep toes are the best style for you.


Round toe

Round toes lack all the sexy look that a pointed toe has. It can be worn for comfort as there is much space for toes. Round toe can still be fashionable if it is adequately designed.

Toe strap


If you are a woman of simplicity .i.e., you don't hide what you have and never show what you don't have, strap toes may be an option for you. You look simple, elegant, and your feet speaks a lot than all other gimmicks in your sandals.


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