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Solutions for Heel pain

Footwear plays a vital role in reducing the heel pain difficulties, hence by using appropriate footwear assist to overcome the troubles of heel ache. Some of the essential steps to reduce the heel pain are listed below.

  • Wear the footwear that never fail to provide responsive cushioning for a long time.
  • The shoes must be fit snugly.
  • Replacing your shoes/sneakers at regular intervals.
  • Prefer shoes that provide sturdy support throughout the heel arch and ball of the foot. It enhances for a uniform distribution of stress/weight over a large area.
  • Insert soft pads inside a shoe in a convenient Position to overcome strain and for promoting support.
  • Use custom orthotics that assist in preventing your foot from structural abnormalities.
  • It is preferable to select shoes with custom orthotics and specially designed shoe inserts to get sufficient support and enhanced foot stability. Apart from these, orthotics / inserts help to correct injuries or misalignment of skeletal system.
  • Gel heel cups:

Gel heel cups are the type of shoe inserts that reduce the difficulties caused by plantar fasciitis and heel pain. These cups are placed to provide direct padding over the painful areas by the slight elevation of hind foot. It assists an reducing the pressure developed on the plantar fascia.

  • Heel wedges:

Heel wedges are special type of inserts used at the base of the shoes. These wedges lift up the heel and minimize pressure over rear foot. It is a good idea to start with a small wedges and then upgrading it to suit the requirement.

Heel Pain Remedies by Foot Care Products

Heel cushion is a key product used to cure the heel pain. Various significant products of heel cushions are explained below.

  • Heel Cushions
  • Heel seats
  • Gel heel with arch supports
  • Sol Step
  • Posture - Corrective Heel Cups
  • Heel Spur Cushions
  • Standard Heel Cups
  • Silicone Heel Cushion
  • Ultrathin Gel Heel Pads
  • Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups

Heel Cushions

Heel cushions are the most essential entity engineered to get relief from heel problems like heel pain and heel spur. It has unique shock absorbing capacity and it can be easily inserted. Generally, heel cushions are made of sponge and rubber with excellent property to overcome compression.

Heel seats

Heel seat is a foot care product used to avoid heel pain. Ache can be stopped quickly by exerting acupressure straightaway underneath the painful areas. They are stiff and can be utilized in any type of closed heel footwear.

Aspects and Benefits

  • Heel seats are engineered particularly to address the rigid anatomical specifications.
  • It features Fasciitis Bar, which helps to provide support and execute a positive force directly below the foot, where heel meets the arch.
  • It also promotes the heel cushioning aspect for walking convenience.
  • The fasciitis bar re-expands plantar fascia and provides natural environment to overcome partial collapse of the mid foot.
  • Heel seats offer maximum comfort without meddling (without intracing) with the fitness of the shoes.

Gel heel with arch supports

  • Gel heel with arch supports aids in reducing heel and arch pain.
  • They can be easily inserted in most of the shoes.
  • It provides extra support and relief to your aches.
  • Its indented center aids in prohibiting the collision (impact) on the heel bone.
  • Arch supports are comfortable in nature as they are light-weighted one's.
  • It restricts bacterial and fungal growth as well as unwanted odors, hence it maintains healthy/dry feet.

Sol Step


Sol step is particularly designed to yield quick relief from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. It can be worn with or without footwear to safeguard from unnecessary impact you experience in the heel part. Sol step promotes cushioning aspects and shock attenuation. Due to gel pad also, it plays a major role in curing edema, swelling and accelerating heeling.


Posture - Corrective Heel Cups

  • These heel cups are made with unique slanted design, that aids in easing pains in feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. Ideal to curtail/decrease the syndromes of pronation (inward rolling of your foot) and supination (outward rolling of your foot).
  • Adds proper alignment/sequence while you gait, it lessens the stress and tiredness.
  • These heel cups are usually constructed with a soft gel that enables convenience and good foot protection against shock.
  • Relieves the distress lead by pronation.

Heel Spur Cushions


Heel spur cushions are formulated to provide instant relief for the painful heels. Detach able inserts yield a soft ring like protection around your spur, providing ultimate comfort to the heels. Its unique non-cellular shock absorption material cannot be destroyed by normal body weight.


Standard Heel Cups

  • The standard heel cups are light weight, supple and they are constructed using polymer. This material enhances the flexibility of heel cups.
  • These heel cups comprises own shock attenuation system for snugness (comfortable feel).
  • Standard heel cups are ideal for dress shoes (or) casual shoes.

Silicone Heel Cushion

  • High performance silicon cushions are with medicinal value to relieve sore and aching heels effectively.
  • The blue silicon dot in these heel cushions yields better relief to the sensitive areas. It provides additional support and has in-built shock absorption system.
  • The non-abrassive grade silicon safeguards the affected areas reducing irritation.
  • Ideal in relieving calcaneal spurs, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, knee and back pain.

Ultrathin Gel Heel Pads


These heel pads can be easily inserted in any shoe as it is designed in or slim tapered style.

  • It's unique soft cushioning enhances for a comfortable step all time.
  • These heel pads nourish the heel that experience huge stress and pain. It aids in relieving heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups

  • A special polymer which is supple, thin and more flexible in nature than the materials emb edded in other heel cups.

  • It will safeguard your feet from skin splints, heel spurs, fatigue heels and knees.

  • Suitable for people who involve actively often take part in high impact activities, hence it cures pain in the arch, ankle and leg regions that results from routine heel strike.

  • Advanced soft waffle design ensures twice the shock absorption when compared to traditional heel cups.
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