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Foot and Arch Support Products

There are several products available to give support for your foot and arch. Some major products are described below.
  • Leather Arch Insoles
  • Anti-Pronation Insoles
  • Power Step Insoles
  • Active Blue Insoles
  • Black Insoles
  • Low - Heel Insoles
  • High - Heel Insoles
  • Dual Density Insoles
  • Pressure Reducing Insoles
  • 3-D Silicone Full length insoles
  • Arch Plus Insole
  • Green Performance Insoles
  • Heel Cushion with Adjustable Arch
  • Opti-balance inserts
  • Plantar Fasciitis Support
  • Archmates Regular Support
  • Arch Sleeves
  • Arch Brace
  • Arch Support Anklet Socks

Leather Arch Insoles

  • Leather Arch Insoles give better relief from plantar fasciitis, weak or fallen arches. The suitable combination of supple cowhide leather and semi-rigid plastic shell provides an excellent flexibility and arch support. Exactly placed cushion pads raise the metatarsal arch.
  • These foot supports are perfect for feet that require wide space at the toe region.
  • Tri-layers design in this arch insoles relieve pain and prevent common foot problems.

Anti-Pronation Insoles


  • Anti-Pronation Insole gives support and relief for the over-pronated foot and lower body pain.
  • These insoles are built with visco-elastic material with shock absorbing capabilities that will never wear down (destroyed).
  • They lessen the excessive pronation that leads to flat foot.

Power Step Insoles

  • Power Step Insole is engineered with flexible polypropylene to give arch support for your foot and overcome the problem of pronation (inward rolling of the foot).
  • In-built with special sanitiz fabric cover for preventing slippage. This sanitiz fabric also has wicking capability, hence it keeps the feet dry and cool.
  • These insoles provide maximum foot support, cozy feel, exact pressure and mechanics.
  • Ideal insole for correcting posture, curing heel, arch pain and at the same time preventing foot stress and injury.

Active Blue Insoles

  • Active Blue insoles are in-built with rear-foot control points to reduce the harm of over-pronated foot.
  • Its unique patented shape contours your foot shape and assists in inhibiting maximum contact with the ground.
  • Engineered to fit any kind of tight-fitting footwear.
  • The mid-foot control assures stability advancing proper landing of the foot.
  • Ideal for minimizing stress on knees ankles hips and lower back.

Black Insoles

  • Black insoles are specifically engineered with three-part shock dispersion system with an additional heel cup to accommodate soft tissue expansion.
  • The light weight patented design equally distributes the body weight and stress on the both the foot.
  • These insoles can be easily inserted in the dress shoes, casual shoes and golf shoes as they are formulated in a modern ultra thin style.
  • It contains rear foot control point to tackle over-pronation.
  • Its upper features Trocellen foam and Holofiber material assure durable comfort.

Low - Heel Insoles

  • This insole is engineered to provide natural foot motion and to get relief from lower body strains like knee strains, ankle strains, lower back strains etc.
  • Its unique contoured design allows easy fit and controls over-pronation.
  • These insoles are supple and thin in nature, which easily enables it to attenuate shock.
  • Length of Low-heel insole is ¾ for ensuring sufficient room for thin-skinned toes.
  • Insoles are almost hidden when in use.

High - Heel Insoles

  • An unique blend of firm design and contoured shape of high heel insoles provide foot stability and an enhanced support in all types of high heeled shoes and boots.
  • Perfect foot alignment promotes convenient landing and relieve strains on knees, ankles.
  • These high-heel insoles feature a slim design, that allows easy fit.
  • These insoles play a major role in reducing impact force, extreme friction and blistering.
  • Ultra-chin styling and textured upper characterize these insoles.

Dual Density Insoles

  • The thickness of dual density insoles are similar to conventional insoles but cushioning and shock absorption from heel-to-toe is twice as compared to traditional insoles.
  • These insoles are engineered using medical grade pure silicon that restricts bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Light weight design for an easy fit as well as easy insertion in any kind of shoe.
  • High density gel is placed strategically in the heel and metatarsal areas to minimize the utmost pressure.

Pressure Reducing Insoles

  • The Pressure Reducing Insoles are specially designed to absorb maximum foot pressure and eliminates pain. The special scored bottom sizes to prevent the most tender areas of the foot from getting hurt.
  • Its distinct cushioning enables a convenient gait as it ideally works in reducing the pressure of your body weight.
  • A suede-like line is made with anti-bacterial properties for better air circulation. Overall a healthy foot environment is assurable.

3-D Silicone Full length insoles

  • 3-D silicone insoles are designed with excellent pain-relieving capabilities for sensitive feet/plantar fasciitis.
  • Supple, anatomically designed dual density silicone inserts minimize harmful shock waves and lessen the stress on knees, joints and spine.
  • These insoles maintain cool environment for your foot and ensures sturdy arch support.
  • Comfortable feel is assured due to non-irritating materials even for people having severe tender foot.


Arch Plus Insole

  • An insole is well-known for excellent arch support and improved fit.
  • Arch plus features anti-friction fabric/sockliner for health as well as rub free environment for your foot.
  • It never fails to give cushioning and shock absorption even in maximum heel and arch strike areas. On the whole, it gives overall protection for the foot.
  • Implus material is utilized from heel-to-toe region to reduce foot discomfort and shock waves.
  • This product is suitable for both rigid and inflexible foot.
  • It takes a significant role in decreasing fatigue and stress.

Green Performance Insoles

  • The only insole, which constitute rear foot points for controlling flat feet and reducing extreme stress on joints and muscles.
  • The insole is designed to use in both industrial and athletic footwear.
  • Its upper features special Holofiber that offers durable comfort.
  • Sock absorption never get reduced, hence its shock absorption system comprises of three parts namely a hell cup for heel stability, a slight rocker bottom for some foot flex, and a soft side for sensitive tissue extention.
  • Fatigue and loose fit is completely avoided for people who prefer these insoles.
  • Closed-call Trocallen and deep heel pocket characterize the Green Performance insoles.
  • Designed with patented profile for promoting overall stability, support and shock reduction.

Length Orthotics

  • Length Orthotics constitute ‘Euduron' foam and fabric for optimal cushioning and shock attention.
  • The arch spring shell made of poly propylene compound stretches accordingly to the foot movement.
  • It gives snug fit when you require more space for toes.


Heel Cushion with Adjustable Arch

  • A perfect product designed with a silicone gel for optimum level of comfort, customized arch support and heel cushioning. While using this Heel Cushion you can experience reduce in pain knees, ankles and lower back.
  • Its slim design allows easy and comfortable fit in all kinds of shoes.
  • Insert strike pad provides unique cushioning even on extreme pressure areas.

Opti - Balance Inserts

  • Opti - Balance inserts provide stability to help support your foot as you move and also keep your lower body in proper location.
  • A special wedge combines with a bio-mechanically designed arch support system to control misalignment of foot.

Plantar Fasciitis Support

  • It gives continuous pressure at the exact pain region (affected region), while preventing inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis.
  • It has more elasticity in it, thus favors relief from pain and muscle development.
  • In addition to these, it maintains your skin dry and comfortable.


Archmates Regular Support

  • Bio-mechanically engineered to minimize strains at key weight points and maintain your feet in proper portion. Apart from these, it alleviates arch pain and fore foot heel in the plantar pain zone.
  • Greatly works on prone feet.
  • Its contoured shape balances your feet both lengthwise and across your foot.
  • It also provides you relaxed feel from pain and fatigue as well as it hugs your heel for great stability

Arch Pro-tec


  • Arch Pro-tec heightens the arch to some extent while giving added support to plantar fascia (a tough fibrous band of tissue that extends along the sole of the foot with attachments to the heel bone and also to the base of the toes).
  • Targeted support obtainable from this Arch Pro-tec completely lessens the excess pressure, stress and reduces inflammation as well as breaking of the plantar fascia.
  • Soft material embedded in this Arch Pro-tec offers a blissful cushioning pad for the arch when the foot does touch the ground.
  • Mainly gives support to the plantar fascia to get relief from arch and heel pain.
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure together control the amount of compression of foot.
  • Coolmax is for abundant ventilation.

Arch Sleeves


  • Arch Sleeves fit into any shoe type and gives ailment from foot pain, weak arch and heel pain.
  • Arch sleeves are covered using cotton for allowing excess air flow in feet and prevents foot odor and perspiration.
  • They can be worn along with socks or stockings.

Arch Brace

  • Arch Brace is mainly to give remedy for heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and strained foot. Arch brace is convenient for all sports that require running, aerobics and walking. Ideal for occupations in which long time standing on hard surface is involved.
  • Two tension elasticated straps give easy adjustment and customized balance.
  • Combination of a brace and two simple straps play a significant role in treating heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and foot pain in any kind of footwear you wear.
  • Customizable hook-and-loop straps are provided for easy attachment on the brace in seconds.
  • Arch brace comprises of Genuine foam, nylon and cloth material (terry) to reduce the pain and stress at the arch and plantar fascia region.
  • Arch brace favors in continued activity. It can be easily fit into sport and street shoes.

Arch Support Anklet Socks

  • These cotton based socks provide compression and support as they raise the arch to help ailment from plantar fasciitis.
  • The anklet length socks enclose the foot with a full-terry lining and fits property in athletic or walking shoes. The terry-lining that cushions the bottom of the foot and rolls up over the toes.
  • You can get rid from heel and foot pain with its arch support socks.

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