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Shawn Kemp Basketball Shoes

Shawn Travis Kemp is a premier American basketball player and also NBA’s high flyer. He was born on November 26, 1969 at Elkhart, Indiana. Shawn Kemp started his career by signing a national letter-of-intent to play basketball at the University of Kentucky. Shawn became the momentum of the Seattle Supersonics after the first round of the 1989 NBA Draft.

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After Kemp's second NBA season, he picked up the nickname "ReignMan", depicting his reign in the basketball matches. The accessories used by Shawn created a new sensation among the die-hard fans of the phenomena. The Shawn Kemp basket ball shoes were the center of attraction in all the premier leagues and they were the main sources of Kemp’s dynamism and style. Now let us have a look on the popular brands of shoes used by Shawn Travis Kemp.

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The Nike Air Alpha Force:
The Nike Air Alpha Force was first released in 1988 with the distinctive replaceable Velcro strap across the top which distinguished it from other Nike basketball shoes of the time. And Shawn Kemp wore this ravishingly in 1990’s and these shoes were produced in many colors for the NBA team. They are handcrafted in Italy and constructed from the finest leather available and this makes them an exquisite and luxurious model.

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Shawn was in his full energy and this made him to rule the court. These shoes give the total confidence and best traction due to the combination of cushioning and stability. The upper part is provided with the supportive overlays. The shoes guarantee reduced pronation, long lasting cushioning and greater shock absorption. Thus, these shoes act as a bridge between the hard work, dedication and success.

The Nike Air Ultra Flight:
The present meets the past in this cool, retro-style shoe from Nike. The Nike Men's Air Flight is also the boosting factor for Shawn’s gimmicks at 1990’s and this features a soft nubuck upper with visible air unit in the heel for comfort and cushioning along with the rubber outsole that delivers dependable traction.

It enables to make clean turns, high jumps and stop on a dime when you wear this basketball-inspired shoe from Nike. The Nike Air Zoom Flight Premium is the next generation of cool casual kicks, featuring leather upper, a comfortable Zoom Air unit and a rubber outsole. The superior cushioning and traction are also provided. Shawn Kemp feasted his fans, with this wand on his legs, in the more convenient way.

The Nike Shox Supremacy:
The “ReignMan”, after 2000, continued his reign in the basket ball courts, by using this style of shoe from the Nike. The Nike Shox Supremacy basketball shoes for men are a fresh take on the classic basketball shoe profile. The Nike Shox is enclosed in a transparent cupsole for maximum protection and traction, with clear thermo plastic urethane toe wrap for durability, a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot is given along the seamless suede upper with full-grain leather wrap.

The Phylon midsole provide lightweight cushioning and comfort for the player. The medial and lateral forefoot outsole wraps are provided for lateral stability. The next thing that is noticed is its lightness and it can be the lightest shoe that players have ever put their foot into. None of the player’s motions are ever restricted by the shoe. The other popular styles of Nike Shawn Kemp basket ball shoes include the Nike Air Team Supermax and the Nike Shox Limitless.

The Reebok Pump:
The Reebok Pump shoes worn by Shawn Kemp, in the late 90’s, allowed him to customize his shoes for a comfortable fit and additional support. The Reebok pump shoes have a durable lacing system and they made the wear comfy. The high-abrasion rubber outsole provides maximum traction and makes the gait easy.

The Ankle strap closure is used for maximum lateral support and stability. They made Shawn to deliver his peak potential at the basket ball courts. The Reebok brand has also got a wide range of Shawn Kemp basket ball shoes which includes Reebok above the rim, Reebok pump vertical, Reebok after shok and also Reebok Reignman I, which is the first signature shoe of Shawn Kemp. Thus, all these shoes played their important role in making Shawn to reach his goal.