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Dada Spinner Basketball Shoes

The exclusive basketball game was invented in 1891. People of all ages admired and were inspired by the game and continued to watch and play. Dada is one of the most outstanding footwear brands that have introduced different technologies in its basketball shoes.

Dada is unique is its high quality, great designs and good prices. It has an ultimate priority over the footwear and other accessories. It offers exceptional products for both men and women by craving for individuality and classic styles.

Dada is known for its legendary ‘sprees' basketball shoes, which have an unusual feature. An American professional basketball player Latrell Fontaine Sprewell, was known as ‘Spree', was the originator of rim called ‘spinner' and applied the invention to the footwear world.

The spinning rims in the car design inspired Dada supreme. Therefore they indulged in a partnership with ‘Sprewell Motorsports' and ‘Laxami Luxury wheels' to bring the special feature into the shoes. The wheel rims in the Dada spinner basketball shoes actually spins every time you land your foot to walk, run or jump. The L.S technology thus absorbs shock and gives a lightweight feeling. Thus Dada created collaboration between the shoe companies and other industry to invent a new technology.

Features and Benefits

  • The hardwearing synthetic leather upper provides durability and breath ability.
  • A reinforced molded lateral quarter panel gives extra stability.
  • Latrell Sprewell exchange technology offers most advance cushioning and shock- absorbing feature.
  • Matrix of vents allows the heat and moisture to escape through the chamber, when hot moisture is expelled from the shoe.
  • Heat and moisture management system is also present in the Latrell Sprewell exchange technology.
  • EVA mid-sole provides extreme comfort and cushioning.
  • An ankle support is built into the outside wall of the shoe above the ankle called ‘spinnah.'
  • The spinners move when pressure is given on the heel of the shoe, while walking and jumping.
  • Dada spinners basketball shoes are very lightweight shoes that have received recent publicity.


  • Black/gold
  • Black/silver/black
  • White/gold
  • White/royal/white
  • Black/pink/black
  • White/white pink
  • White/black/white
  • White/red/white
  • White/silver/silver

Styles of Data Spinner Basketball Shoes

  • Dada Sprewell spinner basketball shoes
  • Dada men's sprees
  • Dada women's sprees
  • Dada sprees supreme shoes