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Georgia Work boots

Work boots are unique in their style. They usually come with leather upper and elastic sides. Work boots are immensely useful for the persons whose sweat is bloody. More often work boots lack in tongue and laces. They have pull-tabs on front and tack to facilitate the user.

Work boots include steel toecap that accommodates occupational health and safety. Work boots with steel cap are called as safety boots or steel toe boots. Leather uppers in them are treated so as to give protection against hot water, acid solution and oils etc.

Work boots usually cover ankle, knee and extend up to the hip. Previously, hikers, anglers, defense personnel and others who work in outdoor conditions used work boots. But every one of us now prefers to wear work boots, as they look more stylish and highly safer (protective).

Work boots are very famous among the people who work in mines, chemicals etc. Most of the manufacturers create workboots with new technology so as to provide support and extreme protection.

Among them Georgia is one of the leading manufacturers of workboots.

Georgia made its footstep into the footwear industry before 60 years and now they are leading with unmatched quality aspects. This company creates and markets quality outdoor footwear. They started producing work boots in the year 1992, with the introduction to its ‘comfort core technology' and continuously attempts to bring new innovative technology into the footwear industry.

Georgia has been distributing its products in an exceptional line of hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. Georgia's workboots are always laboratory tested to meet the highest demands of their consumers. Every new component is completely verified and tested before selling.

Georgia offers boots for both men and women and also for kids. Boots are worthy and the design, pattern in them makes more stylish.

There is a minor difference between men and women's Georgia boots.

Attributes and Benefits of Georgia's Workboots

  • Georgia's work boots are usually made of full-grain leather upper that promotes enormous airflow to the boot.
  • Replaceable welt construction can be seen in these types of work boots that confirms longtime durability.
  • Georgia's workboots are completely lined with breathable moisture wicking polyurethane mesh for pressure free pleasure.
  • Removable comfort core airflow orthotic insert accommodates orthotic needs.
  • Insole is completely wrapped with enormous cushioning. In these types of work boots, you will get abundant electrical hazard protection.
  • The Vibram added in these workboots is highly abrasive.
  • Georgia's workboots are made with oil-resistance so as to give extreme protection from oil and chemicals.
  • Multiple compression pads in heel and forefoot actuate your foot movements to absorb the excess shock.
  • They have lace up in front. Georgia workboots are made with anti-skid outsole for maximum grip to avoid injuries on slippery surfaces.

Colors Available

  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Saddle brown

Metatarsal Work Boots

Metatarsal work boot is one of the most protective footwear that you had never seen anywhere else. The ultimate function of this boot is to secure your foot bone between the ankle and the toe. It is especially designed for dedicative crews to perform very well while working vigorously. The ideal boot construction offers you superior natural cushioning and perfect foot stability for greater support.

Attributes and Merits

  • Breathable full-grain oil-tanned leather upper grants you excellent forefoot custom fit and free air-circulation comfort while working.
  • Total cushion arch support technology is found in this boot is to offer you natural foot cushioning and superior arch support for decreasing over pronation and inward rolling.
  • Durable fatigue mat insole brings air-ventilation comfort and long lasting cushioning for your forefoot and heel. It works against forefoot, toe and heel pain for optimizing foot comfort.
  • Dual density lightweight EVA mid-sole absorbs excessive shock and harmful impacts during continuous work. It enables mid-foot comfort and stability for outstanding foot comfort.
  • Slip-resistant PU rubber outsole optimizes the foot traction and flexibility while facing very many surfaces. Anti-abrasion cushioned sole offers you extreme foot grip and stability for maximizing energy return while working.
  • Anatomic anti-bacterial innovative system keeps-out the moisture and water leakage. It performs against odors and bacteria for preventing foot discomfort.

Metatarsal work boot grants you shining colors to own your prettiest footwear. The elegant colors like black, light brown, tan, and medium brown are available in these types of boots.

These boots are affordable to have your prominent boot.

Red Wing Work Boots

Red wing is a popular footwear company in red wing city of Minnesota, United States. Charles H. Beckman founded it in the year 1905. Manufacturers at red wing were specialized in producing durable boots. Within a decade of years they began to produce 200,000 pairs of boots per year. They also supplied boots for the World War I and II soldiers.

Work boots are specially created for employees who do manual labor work. It also serves as fashion footwear. Work boots are mainly used for protection in industrial settings, construction mining and in other work places. Special protective features like steel tipped toes, sole and ankle guards are used to engineer these work boots generally work boots cover ankle, knee and extends up to the hip. In work places, the work boots yields comfort and protection.

Red wing work boots are designed to offer ultimate lightweight, slip resistance and comfort. Red wing work boots render good support and protection to the foot of the workers and prevent from aging before time. Thus red wing work boots are ideal for any work environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Soft PU coated leather protects the work boots and gives safety from chemical grease oil/gas abrasion.
  • To keep your feet cool and comfort in the work hazards, the removable PU foot bed are attached to these red wing work boot. It also gives good support and absorbs moisture.
  • Cement construction ensures lightweight being waterproof.
  • The PU rubber falcon sole gives superior slip resistance.
  • At work or home, if some heavy object drops, you are protected with a steel part at the toe of your shoe.
  • Electrical hazard protection guards are used in these work boots to protect against open circuits up to 600 volts under dry condition.
  • The steel shank in the red wing work boot provides good support.
  • These boots has waterproof membrane to resist water.
  • Red wing work boots are made with oil-resistant rubber soles, a standard heel and steel reinforced toes.
  • Vibram soles in these boots are abrasion-resistant. Generally these boots provide good traction and yield comfort on concrete.
  • A tough synthetic nylon, premium leather, full-grain leather upper, cushion crepe wedge, brown leather, speed laces are the other features of these boots, which yield good style and function.


Danner Work Boots

Danner shoe manufacturing Company started its business by manufacturing low priced handcrafted work boots. Later, it ventured into hiking boots, logger boots, boots for mountain climbing activity, work boots etc. Danner boots are celebrated for its lightweight flexibility, sturdiness and comfort.

Work boots are necessary for workers. The function of work boots is to protect the workers from work place injuries. It protects you from falling objects, chemicals and other substances. Workers, hunters, hikers, military officials use work boots. These work boots suit well for outdoors and indoors. It is available in regular and in wide widths.

Danner work boots offer comfort and safety throughout the day. These boots are completely tested and are approved by ANSI standards. These boots are resistant to moisture, oil, punctures etc. These boots are suitable for hazardous jobs like construction work, industrial work, mining work etc.

Features and Merits

  • Danner work boots are supportive, comfort, waterproof and breathable. Therefore, your feet stays dry and cool allowing you to do your work with full satisfaction.
  • The cambrelle lining delivers comfort by managing the moisture level. It allows your feet to stay dry.
  • The stitch down construction is resistant to oil and prevents you from slippage. These boots are lined with gore-tex, so it is waterproof. It enables the sweat vapor to pass out to the atmosphere.
  • The midsole is durable and offers superior cushioning. The polyurethane (PU) foot bed enables cushioning. Padded collar offers comfort. Midsole is made up of multi-layered polyurethane for extreme comfort.
  • The vibram rubber outsole delivers grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Vibram is a special rubber compound and it is resistant to abrasion. The fall lace-up front offers perfect fit.
  • The steel toe protects your toes from all kinds of hazards. It is tested by ANSI and it is resistant to puncture and weight compression.
  • The thermo molded stitched heel counter present in these boots provide excellent arch support.
  • These boots are lined with waterproof membrane in the interior part. These boots are resistant to fire. These boots offer lateral stability for quick changes in direction.
  • The midsole is equipped with a plate up to the full-length. The construction is strong and stable and is also flexible for movements.

CAT Work Boots

One of the world's largest footwear companies is Caterpillar, shortly known as ‘CAT'. It was found in the year 1925. They are not only producing footwear but also industrial gas turbines, mining equipment, diesel, and natural gas. CAT manufacturers are fabricating rugged shoes and boots. They are engineering the boots in an up-to-date fashion to satisfy the performance on the jobsite as well as on casual places.

CAT is producing their work boots in a stylish and durable way. CAT work boots can tackle any challenge of the various work hazards. They yield to you hard work in the work place. CAT work boots has fixed a place in the history for its functional design and style. CAT work boots protect the foot in the industrial settings, construction mining and in other places by its unique protective features like steel toe, Goodyear welt construction and anti-electrical hazards. CAT work boots are of high quality and hardwearing work boots. They yield an ever lasting style and a strong performance to the workers.

Features and Benefits

In these boots, comfort and breath ability are rendered by the full-grain leather, genuine leather and nubuck leather upper.

  • Excellent traction is yielded by the long-lasting molded rubber outsole. It resists slip, oil, heat, water and abrasion.
  • Extreme strength and durability are provided with the Goodyear welt construction in the sole.
  • Side zips are provided for easy on and off.
  • Cushioning and comfort are offered through the PU insoles.
  • Shock absorption is done by both the features called antibacterial ortholite foot bed and molded EVA heel.
  • Anti-electrical hazard is accommodated in these CAT work boots to protect the workers from high electric volts.
  • Elegant style and fit are delivered with the lace up front with metal hardware.
  • The mid-sole of CAT work boots are made of rubber, PU and EVA materials.
  • Steel toe is accommodated in these boots to protect the workers foot from any falling objects.
  • Reinforced stitched seams and heel overlay panel are the other features of this work boot.
  • Nylon/Taibrelle sock liner is used to wick the moisture away.

Carolina Work Boots

Carolina work boots was formulated in the year 1963. Carolina is involved in the manufacture of work and safety footwear. The organizer was H.H. Brown. The main goals of Carolina work boots are to deliver comfort to the worker. These work boots provide maximum comfort, safety and support to the varying work conditions. Carolina offers work boots for loggers, contractors and workers involved in construction field.

The technologies used in these work boots withstand various workplace hazards. These boots are equipped with Gore-tex and Thinsulate insulation. Carolina manufactures work boots for both men and women. These boots are resistant to oil, water, abrasion, chemicals etc. These boots are perfect for any work environment. Carolina work boots are comfortable, durable, supportive, and apart from that it satisfies ANSI standards.

Features and Merits

The leather upper is fully waterproof and offers comfort to the worker. Upper may be constructed of full-grain leather/duck leather etc.

These boots are lined with Dri-lex lining and thus the moisture present is wicked out completely. The steel shank delivers support. The permafresh insole is cushioned and thus it offers comfort to the worker.

The padded collar offers added comfort. The dryz foot bed absorbs moisture and stores it in a gel-like substance. Then it is dissipated from the gel throughout the day.

The foot bed is made up of EVA and it offers cushioning to stay freely for long hours.

Outsole is made up of PU and it is rugged to provide traction on various work places. It is resistant to oil and chemicals.

The toe part is made of steel and it withstands 75 pounds of impact. This prevents your foot from falling objects.

Special Features

These boots have a unique construction that is Opanka construction. This provides maximum flexibility and offers comfort throughout the day.

Dryz technology offers comfort and it allows your feet to stay dry, warm and cool. It controls the level of heat and moisture. It acts as an anti-microbial agent.

Ariat Work Boots

Ariat work boots are designed in an exotic manner for horseback riding and it caters the needs of workers, challengers of life. These boots are with new technology that enhances your comfort. Ariat is famous for production of different western and work boots. Ariat was the first to introduce advanced technology new system for cushioning and stability.

Ariat introduced special cushioning technology that stabilizes heel and arch for continuous comfort. Ariat boots for work are made of special materials that reduce fatigue and stress on the feet, lower back and legs offering great pleasure. Ariat boots for work are designed with special features to provide many benefits to you.

The work boots of Ariat uses several technologies to fetch the superior comfort. In this, Advanced Torque Stability [ATS] is the predominant one, which combines new attributes. The fiber molded and forked shank offers great support and stability. EVA base with ergonomic pyramid grip yields improved cushioning and better air circulation. Dual density outsole with polyurethane encapsulated in a T.P.U. shell offers supportive traction on all types of surfaces.

The Ariat boot for work purposes is designed with orthotic heel that cradles the feet providing arch support and good stability. The full-grain/suede leather upper adds great comfort and support, as it flexible and breathable. Narrow or medium round toe gives elegant appearance. The unique feature, ETC sock liner [Eliminate The Cause] reduces heat build up to make boots cooler, anti-bacterial and moisture wicking. The electrical hazard virtue protects your feet from earthly charges.

Cobalt technology in some of your Ariat work boots provides excellent cushioning and stability with SKYDEX system and Dura tread outsole, fiber forked shank.


Brown, tan, black, red, bronze, blue, rust and chocolate

Price Range

US$50 to $180


Force, Sedona, Cascade, Impact, Glacier, Mag, Loggers, Willington, Hermosa, Turbo and Sierra

Buying Guidelines for Work Boots

Getting a proper fit is always vital with respect to work boots. Workers who climb ladders should choose a work boot with heels. Workers who are in need of ankle support should not choose the boots laced halfway alone. Electric shock resistant property is an important factor to be concentrated by workers. Match the work boot with your work atmosphere.

Normally, a leather shoe may be little tight at the time you buy, but later it stretches and fits around your foot. The toe-box will not stretch, since it has a metal part in it.

Steel-toe, when becomes visible means that it is time to buy a new pair of work boots, otherwise it may become a non-safety work boot.

Similarly, the user may do a walk-through assessment. After you get your order through online, walk around for few minutes wearing the new pair. The pair may be selected if it passes through this ‘comfort test'.

Metal-free safety-toe work boots are airport-friendly therefore you may choose a lightweight work boot so that you may easily pass out the checkpoints at the airport.

While you buy your safety-toe boots make sure that they are rated electrical hazard safe, insulated, waterproof etc. There are many things to look at and they also depend upon what sort of worker you are

Some of the factors to be checked before buying a pair are





Criteria for a Safety-Toe Work Boot

A safety-toe work boot should satisfy the following criteria





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Types of Work Boots

Safety Toe (Steel Toe)

Military Steel toe Work Boots

Steel-toe Pac Boots

Safety-toe Work Boots with Met Guards

Safety-toe Metal free Work Boots

Thinsulate Steel-toe Work Boots

Non Safety Toe (Non Steel Toe)

Safety Toe (Steel Toe)

Steel-toe work boots are more effective than rubber or plastic boots. Toe area of these boots are shielded by steel and resists against cuts by the chain saw in work spots. Durability factors in these safety-toe boots work well against oil, acid, chemicals, heat sources, electrical hazards etc. Safety-toe boots are the most essential piece of PPE (personal protective equipment) for employees who do manual labor works. These boots meet the toughest standards for toe impact, mid sole puncture resistance and open circuit insulation. Safety-toe work boots are not only elegant in their look but cradle your ankles with a collar design to reduce irritation that persist while doing long-term labor. The metatarsal guards in these boots give extreme protection to the top of the feet.

Military Steel toe Work Boots

These work boots are made to meet the exact standards that are essential for the law enforcement officers like police and military personnel. They offer the best protection and safety for these people who work hard in dangerous situations.

Steel-toe Pac Boots

These work boots are ideal for men especially hunters, hikers and fire fighters. Its special features are

Safety-toe Work Boots with Met Guards

These work boots are similar to other safety-toe work boots with an additional feature in it. They have high impact metatarsal guards that are suitable for the workers in foundries who work in high temperature conditions. Guards protect the arch area of the foot. Smelters prefer this kind of work boot. They also protect the toes from injury and from falling or rolling objects. These boots may be known as ‘Industrial Work Boots' since they are highly ideal for different types of industry.

Safety-toe Metal free Work Boots

These work boots use rubber to protect the toes therefore they are metal-free. They are highly useful for expedition. Athletes and hikers may use this kind, for hiking or for just knocking around.

Thinsulate Steel-toe Work Boots

These work boots are suitable for winter. They have a tough rubber bottom, which has layers of polyester and polyamide that offers extra reinforcement and helps the boots to be a longtime wear.

Non Safety Toe (Non Steel Toe)

Non-Safety Work Boots are designed to withstand heavy wear to protect the wearer and provide high traction. These boots can tackle any tough task in the work side and it also provides superior comfort for the foot. The non- safety toe work boots are also called non-steel toe work boots, and so they are resistant to electricity. Anti-static feature is added for cushioning on unforgiving concrete flooring, certainly for the safety of the workers. These boots being steel-free are airport-friendly.

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