Coolest Shoe calendars for 2008

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My craze for shoes never stops with shoe boutiques but extends to bookstores at every year end. I can't help bugging those pitiable booksellers for chic shoe calendars. A frustrated seller kicked me out to online shopping where I was surprised to find plenty of stunning and sophisticated shoe calendars. These 2008 Shoe Calendars can brighten your wall or can make a perfect gift for this New Year. Isn't it a nice idea for your shoe loving friend?

Mini wall calendars, Page-a-day gallery calendar and Desk calendars are imprinted with stunning stilettos to whimsical wedges which are ready to decorate your closet. Here are a few coolest shoe calendars for 2008 that you would like

Shoes Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2008

Just the Right Shoe: 2008 Desk Calendar

Andy Warhol The Taming of the Shoe 2008 Calendar

Shoes: 2008 Mini Wall Calendar

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