Cate Blanchett Wears $11,000 Pair of Roger Vivier Shoes To Awards Show

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Actress Cate Blanchett was dressed up from the top of her head to the tip of her shoes for the Helpmann Awards in Australia this week. It was her shoes, however, that drew the most attention.

Blanchett was wearing a pair of limited edition Roger Vivier Limelight American platform heels with sequined star detail and Swarovski crystal buckles. The fanciest thing about the shoes - the price tag. They cost an amazing $11,000.

Roger Vivier, a French brand, is known for its pricey buckled shoes, which can range anywhere from $396 for signature flats to four digits for boots.

The cost of the shoes Blanchett wore makes the cost of the rest of his shoes seem affordable.

Celebrity items up for grabs to help language

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TOILETRIES from Hollywood star Alan Cumming and shoes worn by actress Siobhan Redmond are up for grabs as part of a charity auction.

The unusual items are going under the hammer to raise money for an Edinburgh-based organisation which promotes research into the Scots language.

Scottish Language Dictionaries will also auction off items from actor Brian Cox, TV presenter Kirsty Young and Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane.

Cumming provided the organisation with a box of signed toiletries from his own cosmetics range, while Redmond donated the shoes she wore while portraying Elizabeth I in the play Mary Stuart.

The items are all being sold on internet auction site eBay, with proceeds going to help the Scottish Arts Council-supported organisation.

Scottish Language Dictionaries, which is a registered charity, carries out research into the Scots language, as well as producing a range of Scots dictionaries.

Among the other prizes being auctioned are dinner for six cooked by comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli, a signed Ronnie Corbett autobiography and a rare One Foot in the Grave T-shirt signed by the show's star, Richard Wilson.


Cameron Diaz Wearing Adorable Red Satin Pointy Pumps

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Recently I spotted Cameron Diaz wearing adorable red satin pointy pumps matching with her floral print party dress. She has a wonderful taste for both shoes and dress. These Red Chinese Laundry mileage pumps are fabulous and flirty stirring more feminine in Cameron Diaz.

Not after a long search I found these racy red pumps in featuring 3 3/4 inch heel. They describe, “This shoe may have a clever name, but you will definitely love wearing this gorgeous heel by Chinese Laundry. This shoe is completely manufactured with all man made materials making this divine pump animal friendly and fun to wear. Featuring a man made ruby red patent upper with a sleek pointed toe and sexy 3 3/4 inch heel. Ladies, don't be surprised if you do some major mileage in this hot shoe”. If you like them, you can find them here at for $66.99, where they're still available in most sizes.

Gladiator Sandals – This Springs Trend Alert Shoes

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I hate the thought of wearing gladiator sandals, and not me alone, but many women hate wearing them. But to my astonishment, these sandals have now become the trend alert for fashion fellas. This season’s style is nothing but roman inspired gladiator sandals available in different styles stealing the hearts of many fashionistas.

Truly speaking, some of this spring styles of gladiator shoes really fascinated me a lot and I bet you too will fell in love with them. Great are the visions of the designers who designed these eye popping roman shoes.

Carlos by Carlos Santana "Magnum" High Heeled Gladiator Sandals

A great bet for party wear when paired with any evening dress. These sandals are versatile in nature that goes with all your outfits without compromising any style. I will die to have them for any party wear. And how about you?

Nine West "Gaulla" Gladiator Heels

A sure-fire sandal that will stun the on-lookers with its luscious appeal. Will be the right cup of tea for wearing them with skirts to gain a ravishing appearance and steal the spectators’ eyes.

Nine West "Jobilyn" Gladiator Sandals

Available in 9 different loads of colors, these sandals are sure for the faint of the heart. Simple and classic in design, these roman shoes are feminine without being overly girly. Well of all, I loved this Turquoise Leather, Orange leather, and Pink leather. So, you check out once, which color you like the most.

Jeffrey Campbell "Tip2" Tall Gladiator Sandals

And here are more fantastic and inspiring knee-high gladiator sandals to fill your dreams with splendor. Get into these stylish roman shoes and make some heads turn this summer. I yearn to have atleast one such pair of sexy sandals in my life time. Do you too lounge to have them in your style wardrobe?

Marshall Shoe Megashop : Shop Best Branded Shoes in Discount Prices

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Hey guys I gotta great news for you! We gotta new place to shop for fabulous and wide variety of shoes of great brands. Earlier this month, shoe boutiques have been opened inside the Marshall’s store around the country. 5000 square feet space has been devoted just for all types of footwear of various styles and brands available at upto 50% discount prices.

While conversing with the media about this Marshall Shoe Megashop, Marshall’s spokesperson, Amy Cafazzo, says “An outfit isn't complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Now you don’t need to travel to Italy to find a fabulous deal on Italian leather shoes! Our buyers travel the world sourcing a wide range of fashion-forward, designer merchandise, including footwear, for exceptional value.”

There are plans of opening still more hundreds of boutiques across the country. Here we can shop shoes by style rather than size. Once you love the model of the sandals, below you can find the size labeled on the box. Ranging from metallic heels, to pumps, to sexy stilettos, one can find all variety of shoes available here catered to the style and comfort needs as well. To my surprise, I found some of my favorite brands, Nine West, Tahari, Nina, BCBG, Steve Madden etc available here in much least prices.

So don’t do any delay, and get ready to shop for your favorite designer shoes in less cost price.

Shoes - The Best Comfort Givers

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Enough!!! We spent much time discussing about the cold war between the shoes and our feet. But do any of you agree that shoes are enemies to our feet? Shoes are the best comfort givers to our feet but some shoes are probably not. With some shoes I mean, high heels, stilettos, pointy toe sandals and any ill-fitting shoes that may risk your foothealth. Can you make any guess that how far an ill-fitting shoe hampers your foothealth. If not, have a reading of the below mentioned foot issues with ill-fitting footwear.

  • Too long and broad shoes provide poor support to the articulations and risk the fallen arches and tendonitis.
  • Such footwear enables unusual comfort on the soles of our feet while walking.
  • Develops calluses and corns on your feet.
  • Too short and narrow shoes compress your feet and thus results to toe deformities like over lapping toes, hallux valgus etc.
  • They provide ill support to the articulations thus affecting ankles, knees, and legs.
  • They are prone to affect the blood circulation in our feet.
  • Wearing high heels for a long time leads to twisted ankles and strained tendons.

So, with every shoe we have certain things to consider for maintaining a good foot health without compromising comfort. Here is the list of the things to consider;

  • Make sure your shoes snugly fit in the heel area and thus provide ample room in the toe area.
  • Prefer footwear designed with breathable yet light weight materials like leather and canvas that ensure maximum comfort to your feet thus allowing them breathe properly inside the shoes.
  • Wedges tend to break your ankles as they are rigid and don’t bend where the toes join the foot. So, go for some other style with toes slightly off the ground thus allowing natural heel-to-toe motion.
  • Wearing high heels gradually changes the natural shape of the feet and shortens the calf ligaments thus leading to the formation of bunions. Heels tend to put excessive pressure on the ball of the foot thus giving lower back pains. So it wise, if you occasionally prefer wearing your high heels for any special occasion.

Once you follow the above mentioned considerations, then you are almost in the safer side. Trust me, all shoes wont risk your foot health except some. So be much choosier about shoes with regard to your foot health.

Sarah Jessica Parker's ‘Sex And The City’ World Premier Hits London

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The much applauded “Sex And The City”, £30million film follows on four years after the cult television show is to release on 30th May world wide. This film of the HBO TV show has been passionately projected ever since it went into production last year.
The film had its world premier on May 12th with Jessica parker making a stunning ‘green greeny’ appearance. The four sex pixy girls of ‘Sex And the City’ wowed the London Crowd with their sizzling appearance in the premier (all wearing highly expensive and flirtatious stilettos).

Carried Bradshaw dressed in towering Philip Treacy creation complete with butterflies and huge green corsage hat with a matching pistachio colored Alexander McQueen prom dress. It’s really stunning to see her in a beautiful pair of designer McQueen's sexy high stiletto peep toe sandals instead of her much loved Manolo Blahniks.

Co-star Kim Cattrall who plays the role of Racy Samantha Jones, was the second to arrive and stepped onto the red carpet. Wearing a red off-the-shoulder knee-length dress by the high-end designer Vivienne Westwood paired with £300 metallic Gucci sandals, she was damn gorgeous.

Then arrives the beautiful queen Kristin Davis (Scarlet Charlotte in Sex And The City) clad in red feathered vintage gown paired with £400 Christian Louboutin shoes.

Wow! Here comes the real seductive queen Cynthia Nixon, the straight forward talking lawyer Miranda Hobbs in the SATC, dressed in plunging midnight blue and black Calvin Klein dress with a stunning pair of Gucci stilettos sandals.

Inchworm Kids Shoes – Shoes That Grows With Your Growing Kids

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Say big ‘wow' for today's manufacturers who design masterpieces proving their visions of fairytales. This time, these manufacturers have once again proved their skills with the innovative "Inchworm Shoes". These shoes are specially designed to grow with your growing kids. These Inchworm Shoes are featured with well equipped technology called I-Fit ® system that allows the shoes to increase one whole size (in half-size increments) just at the push of a button to keep up with your ever-growing kids' feet.

They are really a cool pair to gift your child on his/her birthday. Available in different colors and floral designs catered to the needs of your growing kids, these shoes are designed with finest quality materials with superior craftsmanship in less cost price. These shoes can be a great birthday gift for your baby that last even for a year and are upto the reach of the common man. So shop them immediately and let your kid enjoy the maximum benefits in these Inchworm Shoes.

The Battle of Shoes vs. Feet - II

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So, now its time to break the silence and get the answers for your most awaited questions. The most possible questions that pop into one’s mind are “How about the difficulties faced while walking barefoot on uneven surfaces? Will walking on such surfaces won’t harm our supple feet? Should human beings stop wearing shoes for ever and walk barefoot?”

Well so far our foot health is concerned, we should pay maximum attention in caring our feet. Shoes are not only worn for style purpose but many prefer them wearing for their comfort aspects as well.

I do agree partly with Adam Sternberghs views of walking barefoot without any shoes. But this can’t be completely accepted. It’s because a person walking with barefoot gets much affected than a person walking with shoes. Walking barefoot will really work wonders biomechanically, there’s no doubt in it. Such walking will strengthen the soles of your feet and thus efficiently run the biomechanical program in your body. But how about the damage made to the feet while walking barefoot on uneven surfaces? Won’t that sort of damage affect our foot health? Obviously, it will give its negative affect.

People suffering with diabetic neuropathy are prone to foot diseases. Such diabetic patients are advised by the experts not to walk barefoot as they lose the sensation of their feet even if they got hurt by a nail or any uneven things on the floor. And such wounds if neglected leads to serious foot health issues and sometimes the foot is amputated in case of extreme seriousness. So, to avoid this, they are asked to prefer specially designed diabetic shoes and socks. So, if shoes are really harmful for human beings then no doctor or any expert would have suggested wearing them.

Above all, I do like to say is ‘Shoes are our need but not our wants’. They are wants for the style savants but not for all. Some shoes are really harmful for our supple feet like high heels or any heeled sandals but not all shoes are same. Some are really comfort givers that soothe your feet. Indeed, there are certain things that one should strictly follow with regard to shoes to ensure maximum comfort and good foot health. To know that, stay tuned for the next post. Will soon get you back!!!


5 Common Questions of any Diabetic Feet

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Diabetes shoes are more than a fashion statement for those who suffer from diabetes. Proper foot care is extremely essential, since diabetics probably cause serious foot disorders.

Too much glucose in the blood can damage many parts of the body: the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys and foot.

Often I found people asking list of questions to find out remedies to their Diabetics that leads to serious foot problems. So here I’m short listing 5 common questions which you would seek answers if you want to cure your diabetic feet.

How does diabetes affect my feet?
Any damage to the blood vessels in your feet will lead to lack of blood supply to the feet, numbness in feet, and loss of feeling in your feet. Most of the cases people with diabetes feel hard to tell if they have a blister or sores because of loss of sense in feet. If sores aren’t taken care in the beginning stage, they then turn out into ulcers and in very worse case these infected ulcers would lead to foot amputation.

Why should I purchase diabetes shoes?
Many studies and researches say that the well fitted diabetic shoes (with doctor recommendation) with moldable insoles reduce the development of ulcers. Safety factor is very important to the foot since they are prone to injuries easily.

It is the fact that when you get any wound or damage in your feet, it would take more time than normal. Wearing diabetes shoes would protect your feet as well as safeguard you from any injuries.

What are the common diabetes foot problems?
Any foot problems can become severe if your blood glucose rises high. Though blisters and cracks are common foot disorders they tend to turn as infection. You need to take care of common diabetes foot problems like corns and calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, bunions, plantar warts, hammertoes, dry and cracked skin, and athlete’s foot.

How to prevent my feet from problems?
Apart from keeping your blood sugar to normal and following doctor’s advice, there are some other important ways to protect your feet.

  • Maintain your diet and continue medicines prescribed. Do exercise regularly if any.
    Dust off and Wash your feet with lukewarm water & mild soap.

  • Always keep your feet dry, particularly between toes,wipe with a soft towel or cotton cloth.
  • Keeping your feet smooth is essential. Apply a cream or lanolin lotion all over the feet and especially on the heels. Consult doctor if you find any cracks on your skin.
  • Dust nonmedicated powder before putting on shoes. Socks or stockings are always advisable.
  • Though filling corns and calluses with an emery board or pumice stone give good results, consulting with doctor is always advisable to treat corns and calluses.
  • Check your feet every day. Get some assistance or use mirror to look at the bottom of your feet. Swelling, numbness, tingling, sign of redness and severe long lasting pain in any of the foot should be immediately taken care and require doctor consultation.
  • Avoid being barefoot. Whenever you go out for a walk or for any activity, wear comfortable footwear.
  • Before trimming your toenails, soak your feet in warm water so that your toenails get soften and smooth to cut across.
  • While wearing your shoes, check for any sharp edge or hurting objects in the insides of your shoes because those objects may injure your feet.

Do I need to wear my diabetic shoes all the time?
As I said already, diabetic shoes would help you from any unnecessary injuries to your foot. Wearing diabetic shoes is a must because anytime pressure is put on your foot.

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