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Advantages of Soccer Shoes and Materials Used

Advantages of Soccer shoes:

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Soccer Shoes are comfortable and provide you support to play the game in a fine tuned manner. Soccer Shoes are also flexible, lightweight and enable you to move forward at a brisk rate. The other advantages offered by soccer shoes are:

  • Lug (a small piece of rubber) that is usually attached to the outsole, provides high degree of traction.
  • You can get requisite cushioning due to the presence of E.V.A (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) midsole.
  • The outsole of soccer shoes contaion plastic or metal studs called cleats that assist in providing grip on the surface in which the game is played. Cleats also help the players to change direction rapidly and also prevent their slipping on the ground.
  • The upper part of Soccer Shoe is usually made of full grain leather and is durable.

Materials Used in Soccer Shoes:

1. Leather:

Soccer shoes made of leather are durable and breathable They are also flexible and give lot of comfort to the wearer. Two types of leather are used in soccer shoes-full-grain leather and kangaroo leather. Full -grain leather is less expensive compared to Kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is softer, lighter and durable as compared to full-grain leather.

Some features of the leather made soccer shoe:

  • If the leather is soft, the feel for the ball is good.
  • Leather shoes are not suitable for playing soccer on wet surfaces as they absorb more water . It is also very difficult to dry them.
  • The durability of the shoe is less in case of soft leather.

2. Synthetic :

Synthetic Soccer Shoes are most suitable for beginners and intermediate players as they are less expensive. They are most suitable for playing soccer in wet conditions as it is easy to clean and dry them. But, synthetic Soccer shoes have got disadvantages also- they are less comfortable and less durable.

3. Rubber :

The outsole of most soccer shoes is made of rubber. The main advantage of rubber outsole is that it provides considerable traction particularly in grassy fields. Rubber made soccer shoes also prevent slipping on the field. Hence, rubber outsoles are most common in soccer shoes.

4. Suede :

The upper part in many Soccer Shoes is made of suede. Suede made upper part provides warmth and comfort to the wearer.Besides, suede made soccer shoes are breathable that is they allow easy circulation of air.


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